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Title:  uk baby
Description:  uk baby
From:  Avatar for oborocatoborocat

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Title:  Mom's 87th Birthday IS Cat Oriented
Description:  Louise Kretzer of Van Lear, Johnson county celebrates 87 yrs. and her party was UK Cats themed. Everyone wore blue and white and even had a Wildcat on her cake. Candles eliminated because Wildcats don't smoke.
From:  Avatar for rkretz1rkretz1

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Title:  Die Hard UK Fans
Description:  My engagement photos!!
From:  Avatar for

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Title:  Rockin & Rollin On To Cleveland
Description:  Preparing to head to Cleveland for the games & The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame
From:  Avatar for kretz2kretz2

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Title:  Pitino era wildcat
Description:  A Pitino era wildcat
From:  Avatar for AZLionessAZLioness

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Title:  UK Wildcats all the way!
Description:  UK Basketball
From:  msks11

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Title:  Spanky and The G-Man
Description:  Iowa, Iowa St. and Northern Iowa.
From:  Avatar for Gman1955Gman1955

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Title:  Weber State Cheerleader
Description:  Baby Cheerleader
From:  dknighto

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Title:  Rick Majerus and Utes Win
Description:  Coach Majerus cutting the twine in 1998.
From:  dknighto

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Title:  Chris Reeve (Superman) amd I
Description:  I was once in a serious auto accident with many major broken bones and vertebrae in my neck, capped off with traumatic brain injury, followed by more than ten weeks of coma. I’ve fully recovered even though “experts” told me I’d never walk, and family is a very big deal in my life. It always was and is now, and they visited, talked to, and were by my side for more than ten years of recovery. Now I have a master’s degree from the Ohio State University, and I speak clearly, walk, run, jump, and drive! Moreover I am a keynote or motivational and/or inspirational speaker, and I would like to speak for your upcoming assembly, gathering, or banquet that you are having or know of. Typically I speak to sports teams, colleges/universities/high schools, churches, youth groups, or anywhere people would like some motivation &/or inspiration. I had a chance to have an individual, powerful, and memorable discussion with Christopher Reeve (AKA Superman; or rather he was the world famous actor who portrayed the Man of Steel,) on the evening before he spoke at my bachelors commencement (June 13, 2003.) A rare and beautiful photograph was taken just after our motivational encounter, and it can be seen in the videos on my website (,) but w/o describing the details of our meeting, I’ll say it was beneficial to both parties involved, and it is revisited during my presentation.
From:  matt

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Title:  Kentucky All The Way "GO BIG BLUE":
Description:  My wife and daughter at the UK Arboretum
From:  RobHead

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Title:  uk 40-0
Description:  uk champs
From:  pickles

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Title:  Rock Chalk Jayhawks
Description:  Jayhawks at the Sprint Center with friends!!!
From:  julesrules

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Title:  Crosswords & KENTUCKY FAN
Description:  My hubby doing what he loves to do!!
From:  bonita

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Title:  I Bleed Carolina Blue
Description:  ACC Tourney 2015!! Go Heels!!
From:  Avatar for dixieradardixieradar
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